Jun 22, 2011

[Handmade crafts][Recycling/reform] How to recycle Ugly-pen

[Handmade crafts][Recycling/reform] How to recycle Ugly-pen

Let's recycle Ugly-pen this time:)

I used a pen which is been soiled by ink

Needs long ribbon(Thickness about 5mm)
The length of ribbon depends on the size of your pen

Needs 4 bunches of ribbon about 20cm long(Thickness about 2.5cm)
Use double-side tape to fold ribbons into half  like picture

Place double-side tape on every side of the pen

Coil the ribbon from the bottom of pen

The ribbon is coiled
It is important to coil without a gap in between

Use wire to cross tie two peices of ribbon like picture
Make two of it

Use 5mm ribbon to cover up the wire

Use glue to stick ribbons on the pen

Ugly-pen is reformed like a new pen
It is very easy and simple way of recycling pen
Try now :)

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