Jun 24, 2011

[Handmade crafts][Handmade ribbon] How to make Leaf-shaped ribbon

[Handmade crafts][Handmade ribbon] How to make Leaf-shape ribbon 

Let's make Leaf-shaped ribbon this time :)

[ Needs ]
16cm blue ribbon (Thickness 2.5cm) - 2 pieces
14cm purple ribbon (Thickness 2.5cm) - 2pieces
5cm blue ribbon

Place double-side tape in the middle of 16cm ribbon
Quadrisect ribbon like picture and fold 1/4 part into 90˚
Fold again according to dotted line in picture

Stick with double-side tape

The edge will have gap inbetween
Use glue gun to stick both sides together

Make 4 pieces
(Two 16cm ribbon & Two 14cm ribbon)

Tie each ribbon separately (Use wire or thread)

Use glue gun to stick together like picture 

Place purple ribbon on top of blue ribbon

Use 5cm ribbon to cover middle part and tie up together

Leaf-shaped ribbon making is done ★

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